2016 MB B-52 23 Widebody

2016 MB B-52 23 Widebody

From amateurs and pros, to family outings or wakeboard diehards, the B-52 23 Wide Body is packaged as an all in one good time for everybody. The B-52 23WB seats up to 14 passengers in comfort and style without losing any form or function. The accommodations are one of a kind: custom designed upholstery with varying densities of foam, built-in navigational and interior lighting, GPS cruise control, billet aluminum and stainless steel accents, 40 oz. carpeting with plenty of room in the bow and engine compartment. All these additional features make the B-52 23WB ideal for wakeboard enthusiast and get togethers with the family. These amenities combined with a 343hp V8 engine, and the boat's 6,000+ lbs. of wake-carving heft once you've loaded the ballast, and you've got the all-around perfect boat for beginners, champs and everyone in between.